Dual Swing Gate Opener

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The dual swing gate motor that we use in JB is suitable for residential and commercial electric gates. Installed together with our articulated swing gate opener, JB premises that need high performance operators for the gates are recommended to use our dual swing gate motor and its articulated swing gate opener. We from JB auto gate company can install these products swiftly and professionally.
Depending on your building layout, our dual swing gate motor from JB can also be installed under the ground level. We have the experience of installing articulated swing gate opener for various types of premises in JB, and we are confident that we can handle your gates properly. Both of our dual swing gate motor and articulated swing gate opener are from international manufacturers who are known for product quality and endurance.
If you are looking for a gate motor that can be used for a long time in JB, and are durable even against frequent usage, feel free to inquire us about it. You can call or email us any inquiries you have in JB, or if you don’t want to wait anymore, talk to our representatives to schedule a service at your premises today.