Swing Gate Ram Opener

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Our swing gate ram opener from Johor Bahru is a high quality product that is suitable for use in homes and business premises in Johor Bahru. If you prefer a space-saving solution to your swing electric gates, then you need our swing gate ram opener. This is a good choice of a ram operator for swing gate, since it does not have any articulation. 
If your Johor Bahru premises use a swing gate, then you might prefer our ram operator for swing gate, since it maximizes the available space, even when in motion. Our auto gate company in Johor Bahru has installed this swing gate ram opener for both residential and commercial electric gates, and we have absolute faith in its performance.
Unlike articulated operators that have a weight limit, this type of opener is suitable with many heavy-weight gates. The lack of articulation means that the operators won’t be directly supporting the weight of the gate. Talk to our representatives in Johor Bahru to know more about this product.